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Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel

Qualification and certification of NDT personnel is good business.  A properly written and implemented Written Practice:

Encourages higher quality by assuring that only properly trained and experienced personnel perform the critical tasks associated with the quality functions of NDT

Reduces your company’s liability by using properly qualified and certified personnel

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) performed in accordance with the requirements of most codes requires that personnel performing the examination are qualified and certified in accordance with a written procedure. This procedure, typically referred to as a “Written Practice,” outlines the requirements for documenting the training, experience and testing of personnel to ensure reliability and consistency in the Nondestructive Testing process.


The employer must be the certifier but may utilize an outside agency like Wheelis NDT to perform the qualification process.

Wheelis NDT can provide:

  • The Written Practice
  • The training required for certification
  • Preparation and administration of the certification tests
  • Company certificates of completion
  • Complete documentation of the qualification process
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