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ASNT Level III Cert. #15880

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Digital Radioscopy Training

Wheelis NDT performs Digital Radioscopy (DR) Training in accordance with SNT-TC-1A & CP-189 (2006) requirements, covering the majority of all commercial requirements.*

  • All classes taught by ASNT Level III certified professionals

  • Onsite hands-on practical training assures students can perform the work, not just pass the test

  • Ideal for initial certification or update to previous Radiographic (film) training

  • Training scheduled to meet your operation’s needs

  • Employees can learn onsite or do computer-based self-study combined with onsite training and certification examination. Computer-based self-study is done in cooperation with the National Science Foundation and the Iowa State University Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Students receive training notebook plus a CD with the complete course, including a shareware digital image processor, all slides, videos, spreadsheets, reference materials and links to specialized sites

  • Certification examinations and certificates of completion that comply with your written practice are delivered to your HR Department or other designee at successful completion

* A few military specifications currently refer to the 2001 editions but have always eventually updated to the latest editions.

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