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ASNT Level III Cert. #15880

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Industrial Radiology

It is the DIGITAL Century
Why are we still training personnel to shoot and read FILM?


Specifications Have Changed!

Limited Certification: Nondestructive test methods may be further subdivided into limited disciplines or techniques to meet specific employer's needs; these are Level II certifications, but to a limited scope.

Wheelis Non Destructive Testing provides certified technical expertise in the design, application, implementation and certification of turnkey industrial Real Time Radioscopic and Digital Radiography systems and personnel.

Digital Radioscopy Training

Only Wheelis NDT offers established, field-proven, up-to-date, certified Digital Radioscopy Training.

  • Extensive (35+ years) practical experience in
       virtually every industrial application, from bombs to baby
       food, roller skates to Space Shuttles
  • Up to date technical knowledge of:
    • Safety
    • Imaging devices
    • X-ray sources
    • Manipulators (dedicated and robotic)
    • Operations (from completely manual to totally automated systems)
    • Applicable Specification

ASNT Level III Certified Services

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