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ASNT Cleveland Section
Spring Courses 2009
Jim Wheelis, president of Wheelis NDT, will present “Digital Radiography & Real Time Radioscopy, Levels I and II,” for the ASNT Cleveland Section Spring Courses 2009. Training will be held at Team Industrial Services, 5901 Harper Rd., Solon. The class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 7, 2009, from 6 to 10 p.m. Cost: ASNT members $300, nonmembers $350. Contact Jim Wheelis, (330) 234-0565 or jim@wheelisndt.com for more information.

Course Description
Thirty-two (32) hour in-depth look into the principles and techniques of Industrial Radioscopy. Each student will receive a student manual, instruction by Jim Wheelis, RT Level III, and hands-on practical training. The student will be taught about radiation physics, safety, image processing techniques, discontinuities and associated equipment. The course content and student manual comes from Wheelis NDT and are in compliance with the classroom training requirements published in SNT-TC-1A 2006 for classroom training requirements.

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